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When Giving to Employees Benefits the Community

Every one in a while, there comes along an opportunity that’s too good to miss. This post is about one such opportunity.

Each Thanksgiving,  the executive team at Biddle Consulting Group (BCG) generously gives a grocery gift card to each employee.  This year as the tradition was just around the corner, Nancy Tipton, a BCG Sales Representative,  saw in it also an opportunity to help out a local elementary school with a need. She approached Mike Callen, our Product Division Director, with the suggestion.

“Since every year BCG gives out gift cards to it’s employees, why don’t we see if they would do so using Scrip? That way a local school can be helped out, too.”

Once the thumbs up was given to the idea, Nancy stepped into action. Since time was short, instead of using Scrip she contacted Safeway directly. Safeway happily agreed to sell BCG the gift cards at a discounted rate. Then BCG wrote a check for the discounted amount to the school.

A few weeks ago, Nancy, Mike and I, visited Mr. Clinton’s class at White Rock Elementary. These 6th graders have plans to go to the Sly Park science camp. The trip costs several hundred dollars and most of the students can’t afford the tuition. Because of Nancy’s creative idea, we were able to give Mr. Clinton $300 towards their camp.

Visiting Mr. Clinton’s class was a great joy for us. We expected our visit to last just a few minutes. As it turned out, it was Rosa Park’s day and his class lesson that day was about the civil rights movement. We ended up having a short discussion with students about who Biddle Consulting Group is and how that relates to their week’s studies. It was a wonderful coincidence.

Here’s a short video of our visit.

We were surprised to learn that we were able to donate $300 without spending a penny more than we had planned to spend.

Now it’s your turn. If you are an employer and are planning on giving something to your employees this holiday season, why not take a few extra moments,  like Nancy did, and see if your giving can also benefit a local school or non profit.  It’s a perfect opportunity to multiply your generosity.

>>Resource: Many schools and non profits in our area use Scrip as a fundraising tool. It’s a convenient way for a business or individual to give support without taking extra dollars or time.