What is the CritiCall Test Like?

Today, someone posted this question on Yahoo! Answers.

“What is the CritiCall test like?

Has anyone taken the pre-employment CritiCall test? I am taking it this Wednesday and I am so nervous! I really want this job. Do you have any advice or examples of what the test was like?”

Are you wondering the same thing?  Here’s how we answered:

Hi there,

CritiCall is what is known as a work sample test, in that it simulates a generic dispatch environment, but does so in a way that does not require job specific knowledge. In other words, CritiCall software puts you into situations that require the same knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for success in the modern dispatch environment. The CritiCall software contains over 20 different tests, however each agency will select only the most appropriate tests for their positions. Successful completion of the CritiCall tests requires mastery of skills and abilities such as:

• multitasking
• prioritization
• map reading
• memory recall
• comprehension
• probability
• data entry
• decision-making

The CritiCall testing process will take, on average, between one and three hours to complete. Many people find that the test gives such a good, realistic job preview that they realize they simply are not cut out for this kind of work. The CritiCall program allows agencies and applicants to find the best match. Due to the stressful environment, and the multitasking demands of the position, many agencies have found that new dispatchers quit the first week on the job following an in-depth and costly training academy. By offering the CritiCall tests not only are agencies able to determine whether or not the applicants are sufficiently skilled, but also applicants are able to determine whether or not dispatching would be a satisfactory career for them.

There is no “practice test” for CritiCall and the software is ONLY available to actual emergency response agencies. However, there is a free keyboarding test available at http://www.opac.com/opac-demo-for-home/ for people to use to check their keyboarding speed and accuracy.

Good luck!